12+ years strong and focused experience developing software for Food and Beverages industries.

" No matter what the size or type of your business, we have a solution to suit your organisation requirements  "

We offer a proven software solution for the Food & Beverages production industries and sales (POS & Retail) points, which includes Chips and confectionery, dairy, brewery, bakery, sugar, non-alcoholic beverages, edible oils, tobacco sectors and optimised filling & packaging lines.

Manufacturers need to maintain a broad and varied portfolio as well as to create and sustain demand through new products. And In case of retailers need to maintain range of items in available formation and need to provide better discounts, free offers, customer loyalty management.

Our challenge is to satisfy these needs, while minimising costs and maximising returns at the same time as justifying the risks of integration.

our Innervex F & B solutions [POS & MRP | ERP] Implementation will enable you to receive actionable, real-time and leverageable data, relating to customer preferences and purchase.

Our solutions will help to offer improved customer service, advance your marketing efforts, boost revenue management and control operational costs significantly.

Features we offer :

  • Leading-edge solutions for the food and beverage industry with minimum total cost of ownership
  • Business Intelligence reporting at keystroke
  • fully Integrated Automation concept, which minimises integration risks
  • Statutory, MIS and financial reports at a click
  • Robust and Reliable solutions based on proven and tested cross Industry software solutions
  • Production, order and sales entry simplified
  • Faster customer processes and receipt generation
  • Up-to-date inventory tracking and management
  • Single and unified data repository
  • Pioneering, emerging technologies delivering a good return on investmen

Benefits you get :

  • Maximum return on investment
  • Cost and time-saving billing processes
  • Streamlined purchase and supply management
  • No need for different systems for different business processes
  • Minimum integration risk
  • No data duplication
  • Data transparency
  • Reduced downtime and engineering costs
  • Short time to market
software for Food and Beverages industries