Glass Industry

Innervex Technologies has industry-leading experience in serving full service glass shops become more beneficial. Our business management solution is the only invention in the market that seamlessly incorporates the needs auto and flat glass markets. We assist together retail and wholesale full service glass shops run seamlessly and cost-effectively, with software that's robust to manage both sides of the business.

Grow sales, cut overhead. Innervex Technologies gives auto glass shops a competitive edge by helping customers get more out their work week with streamlined business operations.

Ceramic Industry

Innervex Technologies is specialised in developing a PRODUCTION, PAYROLL, ERP software for CERAMIC industry. Our solution can help your company to achieve high profitability within limited time using all your resources efficiently. Proper usage of raw material and well-organized usage of your machines can be accomplished by our solution, thus resulting into a good yield.

A variety of MIS reports are generated to aid you value your business better and formulate management decisions ideal to have a competitive edge in the market. It also caters your needs of calculating your production planning in the most efficient way to attain maximum profitability by minimizing your production cost and overheads.

Supply Chain Pos

Features & Benefits

No other company has a solution that offers you all that Innervex Technologies does. With our solutions you will:

  • Increase customer volume
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Minimum integration risk
  • have more time for customers thanks to quickly generated quotations, work orders and invoices
  • Reduced downtime and costs
  • Product and service innovation
  • Improve quality control & Monitor product distribution
  • 360 degree batch control and traceability
  • warehouse efficiency and effective management of supply chain
  • Can manage information specific to your business requirements
  • Short time to market
  • Develop your Base line using advanced MIS
  • Customised security settings to control access to specific items, reports and actions

Who are using?

Our clients range from one-person shops that may use one or two specific functionalities to multi-location enterprises. No matter where you fit in the glass or Ceramic industry right now, Innervex Technologies will confidently take you where you need to grow. Whether you operate a single shop/factory or several places, our software and support make it easy for you to streamline your operations-and get a competitive edge.

Innervex Technologies has the tailor-made products and the experts to help your business grow.