" Become an Innervex Technologies Business Partner – and open doors for Growth, Market share, Profitability. ".

As one of the leading business solutions providers, Innervex Technologies offer bigger opportunities to your business than you may consider. Partnering with Innervex Technologies enables you to enter a mutually beneficial agreement to introduce industry leading end to end business solutions to the marketplace and to implement these fast and cost efficiently to address the needs of small, mid-sized and large enterprises.

Right now, we’re looking for new Business Partners who are committed to growing their business, who are down to business, and who are eager for success. It’s an incredible opportunity to be part of a rewarding programme where you and your business will be truly valued.

Our Business Partner Program offers to generate new revenue opportunity and increase your prosperity by:

  • Best-in-class solutions for End to end business management
  • Guidance to assist you to succeed new and business era
  • A highly competitive margin, business rules and benefits package
  • Tools to expand your expertise and enable your company to outperform in the competition
  • Expert operational support to get better customer satisfaction
  • Develop your skills including marketing planning and industry and competitive intelligence

The goal of our partnership program is to reward the partners who give the maximum value-add service to their customers and make an assurance to expertise in Innervex Technologies Software solutions.

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Channel Partner

Channel Partners can provide demo and sell the software to end customers and can also provide training and implementation to the customer. Channel Partners handle all of the contractual agreements between our company, the Partner, and the customer. This level of partnership requires the greatest amount of knowledge about our products and services, but also provides the greatest flexibility and control of the sales. The channel partner margin on the product licenses is 25 to 35% & 5% on AMC.

»To become our ’Channel Partner’ Contact us.

Associate Partner

Associate Partners can provide demo and sell the software, just like a Channel Partner, but they need to outsource the training and implementation to Innervex Technologies This is typically done for Partners who either don’t have the time or the knowledge base to handle the training and implementation. The Associate Partners margin on the product licenses is 15 to 20%.

»To become our ’Associate Partner’ Contact us.

Referral Partner

This is our entry-level offering designed for newer partners seeking to start an INNERVEX TECHNOLOGIES practice. Referral Partners cannot provide demo our product for the customer, sell the software, or handle any of the implementation and training. Referral Partner simply refer potential customers to us, and we handle the rest. This is the simplest and easiest partner level, but also the least profitable. The Referral Partners margin on the product licenses is 7 to 9%.

»To become our ’Referral Partner’ or send valuable leads Contact us.

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