Innervex Jewellery management System

A complete and end to end solution for Jewellery business.

Innervex JewelSys enables you to manage your Jewellery business with greater cost control, and offers the most comprehensive set of processes to run your Jewellery business, end-to-end, no matter where you would like to begin and easy to use Desktop and web-based ERP software. It offers a comprehensive solution in Retail, wholesale, accounting and manufacturing process needs of jewellers.

Innervex JewelSys consists of 18+ modules, eight of which are specific to the manufacturing process; Style Setup, Contractor, Gold/Casting, Diamond/Stone Inventory, Style/Casting Inventory, Production, Return & Repair, Imaging & Catalogue. The rest are specific to the accounting practices; General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Cash Manager, Sales Order and Invoicing, Purchase Order and Invoicing, etc., and Innervex JewelSys is generic and can be set up to suit specific business needs rather than forcing a change of existing business practice.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Contractor / Vendor Management
  • Return and Repairs
  • Cash Manager
  • General Ledger
  • Sales Orders and Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders and Invoicing including GRN & MRN
  • Diamond and Colour Stone Inventory
  • Style and Casting Inventory
  • Production
  • Imaging and Catalogue
  • B2B - Whole Sale
  • Gold Chit Management
  • Branch Transfers
  • Branch Management
  • etc.,

Complete Functionality

Innervex JewelSys is fully integrated complete suite of financial, distribution, production, and purchasing, sales order, memo [Estimations/preforms], return, and repair, gold chit modules. All modules work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure accurate and complete decision driving information.


Innervex JewelSys is Scalable from single user to hundreds of users as well as hundreds of branches. Our multi-location module can handle hundreds of remote branches via Web from a central location. Can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Estimates and proformas / Quotation Handling

Innervex JewelSys Can generates different types of memos like Estimates and proformas / Quotation, which can be easily converted into Invoice. Memo tracking, memo aging, memo status report to give full control on Memo system.

Order Handling

Innervex JewelSys can handles different type of order such as for Memo, for Invoice, Sample, and Salesman. It is integrated with the Production system and purchase modules. Orders can be sent to Production unit or to outsourced contractors [in partial or complete] or to vendor. It can be easily converted into Memo [estimates/proformas] or Invoice.


Production module is integrated with daily production planning, driven by actual need [dynamic ROL and indent system], and also with sales order system. Production requests can be converted into WorkPack or overseas purchase orders, and WorkPack tracking at every stage.

Customized workbags with barcode, image and component details are printed and WIP tracking can be done by style, ship date, customer [In need], etc.

Bar-coding System

Flexible bar-code system that supports unique bar-coding [ 2D and QRCODE] like month and year-based bar-coding, item price bar code and purchase batch-based bar code. Different barcodes in action are:

  • WorkPack is bar-coded to enable easy entry at every production stage.
  • Style tag with barcode.
  • Inventory can be handled easily with barcode.
  • Etc.,


Support GST tax structure for both purchase and sales like GST, inclusive , GST Reports and other reports etc.,

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems (WMS) control inventory and distribution, the heart of the supply chain. Innervex SCM WMS module provides deep functionality to empower partner association. Core warehouse functions like inbound receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, loading and replenishment to synchronize with other supply chain processes like order management, and vendor managed inventory, with the possible to boost your warehouse operations with extended WMS functionality, including the following features:

  • Complex inventory management competences with cutting-edge cross docking and deep functionality for lot/batch management, expiration data management as well as serial number capture and management
  • Integrates sales, inventory, and purchasing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut costs and boost sales with ROL [static and dynamic].
  • Multi-channel and multi-client fulfilment from single source
  • wave / Sales Routes & Planning, management,kitting, flow-through and capabilities with comprehensive execution control on order release and accomplishment within the distribution centre
  • Multi-channel and multi-client fulfilment from single source

Accounting Software

Branch Management

Innervex JewelSys enables the daily management of branch operation includes efficient working at counters, quick paper work handling like sales billing and other transactions and prompt fulfilment of Customer orders. Tallying cash ornament stock, beaten gold and remaining (disassembled) ornament stock at the day end in minimum time results in satisfactory business day. Control on issues like discount given, order delivery stock is important.

Gold Saving Scheme [Chit] management

This module helps you to manage the chit scheme smoothly and effectively. By supporting to

  • The Grouping of Gold Saving Scheme members by schemes.
  • The Opening, collection, closing of chits
  • The Multi-mode Gold Saving Scheme receipts & issuing gift items
  • The creation and maintenance of Gold Saving Scheme pass book with Barcode


Innervex JewelSys enables you to define and manage all kind of promotions/schemes to boost your top line. Schemes can be done as

  • Primary and Secondary, Simple and Combination, On value or volume.
  • Applicability criteria for products, and/or for customers, On one product or on a basket.
  • Slab based promotions or based on sales during a period.
Promotions automatically apply in Invoicing during the validity of schemes.

Targets & Incentives

Innervex JewelSys enables you to Set and manage Targets for Sales Force and Business Partners. Target can be by value or volume, Visibility of target set and achieved, by percentage and total amount and Ready to use data to calculate and distribute sales incentives and to analyse performance.

Financial Accounting

End to end financial accounting module with General Ledger, Creditors Ledger, Debtors Ledger, Age Wise analysis reports, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash and Fund flow etc.,


System Manager provides adequate security to the user and Module level and object level access available to each user.
Each window access to user can be limited to add / view / edit /delete or no access and Report access permission can be defined.

Smart MIS

Extensive list of reports of all the modules to analyze the business and management information to control the day to day & a periodical operations of the retail [| POS] stores.

Business Analytic and Intelligence

Innervex JewelSys Suite provides first level of intuitive dashboard that provides strategic and tactical insights to understand the top salable products, order frequency and regency, salesman performance and contribution, sales and profits assessment against target set etc., for faster and effective decision making.

SMS Integration

Innervex JewelSys Suite provides an integrated SMS feature to send SMS for the Business Partners or registered customer about their transaction, offers, promotions etc and also wish them for their birthday and anniversary to maintain the Business Partners or customer relation.

Cloud Ready Solution

Innervex JewelSys Suite is a Cloud ready retail solution supporting multiple locations of operations with its highly scale-able architecture. The growth of business from a single store / warehouse operation to multiple retail stores across any region is supported by our enterprise SCM suite with the reduced IT infrastructure cost. This ensures you to focus on your core business and not on technological impacts.

Innervex Cloud solution supports back office functionality with management of inventory, user rights, finance and accounting process, cash reconciliation and real time view of business operations.

Innervex Enterprise Retail Suite architect supports multiple retail stores with each store having an on premise in-store server which serves day to day transactions with mobile or terminal POS. The in-store server integrated to the central servers in the cloud, transfer the transacted data over time and consolidates into a single business view.

Offline feature

In general Cloud solution does not support offline process and requires high bandwidth for communication. Innervex Enterprise SCM Suite in other case provides an offline feature that supports business operation to continue without no downtime from the in-store server, even if the internet connection fails for a period of time. Data from the in-store server will be synchronized automatically to real time once the internet connection is stablished to the cloud server infrastructure, thereby ensuring a 100% continuous business engagement.