Innervex HR & Payroll Software

Innervex HRMS offers you the best tools to manage your most important resource – your employees.

Innervex HR Suite enables to empower the HR Team to support company goals by improving the HR competence and makes human resource handling easier, accurate and more effective, and ideally suited to fulfil all your HR requirements: From employee induction till employee exit.

Innervex HRMS is capable of handling all your HR operations like staffing, MIS Flexible Pay Structures, Leaves and Holidays management, Loans and Advances, Flexible Attendance Input, PF, ESI, TDS, Payslips, training, orientation, promotions and many more. As well as, it can be connected with attendance machines, biometric devices etc.

Innervex HR & Payroll Software
Recruitment Management

Innervex HRMS enhance the recruitment process by automating and streamlining the complete hiring process. Innervex HRMS offers a complete web-based recruitment and talent management solution and it categorizes skill requirements, recognizes potential candidates by tracking applications. The interviews schedules can be done and handles candidate selection and induction.

EIS | Personnel Management

Innervex HRMS make you to achieve effective workforce management with a comprehensive Employee Information System (EIS) from Basic Employee Information, qualification, previous job experience, past emoluments, document management, Language to skill set with group Mediclaim management. Innervex HRMS provides a robust & flexible Salary structure to address location specific pay policies. Manage. You can also configure different appraisal cycles as per your organization's requirements.

Payroll Management

Innervex HRMS addresses the entire spectrum of payroll requirements and offers a highly flexible set of rules to configure any type of payroll component. Generate payroll with a single click and access reports to get a complete overview of salary disbursements. And provides

  • Flexible Leave, Loan & Reimbursement Management.
  • Monthly payroll process, Payslip generation and email to employees, pay management.
  • Advanced Additional & Arrears Calculation Module.
  • Up to date statutory compliance covering P.F. / P.T. / E.S.I.C. / L.W.F. / Income Tax / Bonus / Gratuity & Encashment Provisions.
  • Generation of password protected Form16 with mass email to employees.
  • Maintain complete account of advances and loans given to each employee, which may be adjusted periodically against payments to them.

Leave Management

Innervex HRMS integrates leave and attendance management processes. It allows your company to reduce leave administration costs and confirms a productive workforce. Manage your organizational policies by uploading your leave policies by having flexibility in Creation of Leave / Compensatory/Outdoor duty Application Policy as per requirement and Parameters can be set for Leave / Compensatory/Outdoor duty application. Configurations can be done for different leave types for employees based on their designation or seniority. Paid and unpaid leave types can be defined along with accrual rules to these types to accumulate leaves in days, even hours.

Attendance Management

Attendance can be captured in different methods.

  • Daily attendances can be done manually or in bulk, with details such as present/absent, time in/time out, or import from attendance machines like swipe machines, biometric devices etc.
  • Daily attendances can be done separately for in and out timings and attendance by a specific location, shift or employee
  • Automatic overtime calculations and inclusion in pay slips.
  • Integrate attendance machines with Innervex HRMS to capture information automatically. Im-port attendance data from your attendance machines or biometric devices.
  • Management of various shifts such as General Shift, Morning Shift, Night Shift etc.

Claims [ Reimbursement] Management

Innervex HRMS offers automated processes for claims management that reduces manual efforts and provides a paperless environment for claims processing. It delivers a fully integrated workflow for efficient claim tracking, processing and document management by enabling Claims / Reimbursement Application Policy creation as per requirement. And auto e-mail or SMS will be sent by system on apply, approve & reject of Claims / Reimbursement to User & HOD respectively.

Appraisal & Performance management

Align your workforce with company’s goals by tracking relevant milestones and employee performance indicators throughout the year. Streamline, improve and automate the entire performance management process, right from establishing strategy driven goals and competencies for an employee, to assessing employee performance against these goals.

Innervex HRMS enables you to manage salary and employment revisions by Maintaining details of salary revisions done for employees. and maintaining the employee transfers such as from one branch to another or a change in department, designation etc.

Innervex HRMS enables you to manage Resignations and Relieving of employees by allows you to Maintain the details of employee resignations along with reasons. And record the details of relived employees, record details of assets that are given to employees at the time of their relieving and facilitate to mark the clearances given by other departments such as Finance, HR etc.

And facilitate to record the details of settlements to be made such as Loans/Advances to be cleared by employees, leave encashments payable etc. at the time of their relieving.