Improve supply chain and enhance your Production System.

" Maintain your promises and you will retain your customers ". That’s not a cool job in today’s production atmosphere.

Operating in agile and lean environment that increases output and reduces costs, you need Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 — the most powerful solution that improves your supply chain and enhance your production System, so you can maintain all the promises that you make.

Production and Planning

The core of Innervex ERP, its manufacturing capabilities are supremely flexible and highly functional, supporting all manufacturing typologies and offering the ability to manage the most complex, highly engineered, this sophisticated planning engine allows you to plan for material requirements based on a production planning process. The system reports on requirements of products based on work orders initiated reserved stock and existing stock. And consolidates multiple planning methods into one application and provides a holistic view and management of capacity and demand.

Store Management

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 empowers you to maintain the store from intent receipt to raw material stock management and Goods receipt and check.

Warehouse Management

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 enables you to maintain Warehouses and bins, warehouse units, lots, serial numbers, packages, labels, receipts and deliveries, movements between warehouses, inventories, stock valuation, transport, etc. Using barcoding and the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Warehousing improves inventory accuracy, optimizes your warehousing resources, and helps you boost customer fulfilment.

Freight Management

Manage your own transportation needs and use your warehouse capacity more efficiently with better transportation planning and execution.


Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 facilitates you to accomplish the complete procurement process. Track material requirements, raise RFQ on chosen Vendors, receive quotations against enquiries, make comparisons and place orders, manage quality checks etc.

  • Supplier Analysis
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Quote Analysis & Acceptance


Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 allows the Purchase function, with indents, requisitions, orders, quality check, material receipts, Purchase invoices,and your supplier database. Complete Purchases Analysis.

Customer/Sales Order Management & Sales Order Verification

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 provides a sophisticated and flexible way to track customer orders. Sales Orders is tightly integrated with the Inventory, Work Orders, and Material Requirements modules to help you manage your inventory and production planning more efficiently. Production work orders can be generated automatically from sales orders, sales orders can be processed for inventory at multiple locations

Offers/Quotation/ Estimation & Customer/Sales Order Confirmation

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 enables you to quickly and easily generate estimates and quotes. You can derive quote data from an existing or past quote, sales order or job order control projects and establish information to compare estimated and actual costs. It is ideal for an "Engineer to Order" or "Make to Order" environment.


Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 enables you to manage all aspects of sales orders, deliveries, invoicing, and your customer database. Use multiple price lists with price ranges, maintain multiple sales accounts, use product serial numbers, unlimited units of measurement with predefined conversion parameters, promotional and display schemes of all kinds, etc. And, get comprehensive Sales Analysis with MIS reports

Sales & Purchase Return Management

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 maintains the purchase return to the supplies and stock return from customers to the company and receiving the goods from customer and raising the debit or credit note etc.,

Supplier Maintenance & Accounts Payable

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 is fully integrated with the Purchasing module, ensuring that items ordered and received are compared against supplier invoices. Non-purchasing payments are handled as vouchers and recurring vouchers can be entered for repetitive items such as rent. Default GL accounts can be assigned by vendor, and templates can be entered defining the distribution by percentage of a payment across up to 10 different accounts. Payment inquiry program allows searching for invoice and payment detail by Vendor

Customer Maintenance & Bills Receivables

Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 is fully integrated with the Sales and Commissions modules enabling linking payment of Salesperson Commissions to customer payments or posting of invoices. Each customer can have any number of associated Ship-To addresses. Aging report can be printed in detail or summary, either current or as of a prior date. Customer payment transaction history lists which invoices were paid by any cheque or credit card payment. Credit card information is encrypted within the database and user access to the credit card information can be restricted.


Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 financial management capability supports the full range of financial operations. It delivers financial control with comprehensive analytics that give you the insight you need in every area of your business.

Bank and Cash Reconciliation

This feature reconciles the Bank books of your concern with the Banks and Cash book also

Product Lifecycle Management

Decrease the gap between manufacturing and other departments by creating detailed product info easily reachable, so teams from purchasing to production can improve decision-making. Automated transactions have reduced internal approval time at some companies by as much as 30% to 50%.

Quality Management

Gain complete control over all aspects of Quality through sales, purchasing, and production orders, as well as with inventory, location, lot control, and serial number traceability.

Some Other Features:
  • Multi location consolidation or centralized information storage
  • Cash flow / fund flow statements
  • And customisation according to customers need...
Internet busy or temporary disconnection won’t affect client billing

Multiple branches can be connected with any communication mode like lease lines. In this case all data is stored on central server. If connectivity fails, software can be used off line. Data will be updated automatically to central severer at the time the connectivity is re-established. This provides cost effective option for efficient branch management.

  • Innervex ERP Enterprise 2.0 is Scalable from single user to hundreds of users as well as hundreds of branches.
  • Our multi-location module can handle hundreds of remote branches via Web from a central location.
  • Can be monitored from anywhere in the world.