Decade of Expertise in development of solution for Steel Industries

" No matter what the size or type of your business, we have a solution to suit your organisation requirements  ".

The shortage of power and raw material, joined with increasing costs, makes it critical for steel manufacturers to continue competitive in order to survive. Both small, unorganized players and large Multinationals find that it is imperative to have a 360-degree view of the business on a continual basis. And that is exactly what Innervex ERP guarantees.

Innervex Technologies delivers ERP for the Steel industries, where we have proven experience and expertise. Innervex Technologies solutions for manufacturing facility deliver a robust, enterprise-wide system that remains flexible and affordable. By leveraging leading development strategies and technologies, Innervex Technologies’ enterprise business system enables a faster implementation, easy administration, and rapid ROI.

Innervex Technologies solutions having broad and deep functionality for steel rods and bars manufacturing industries and cut optimization software help to improve the operations for the aluminium or steels industries, or any metal that needs to be dimensionally optimized to improve inventory utilization. Innervex Technologies ERP is fully integrated with our CRM solution to deliver capabilities way beyond the typical stock maintenance or typical financial software solutions.


Innervex Technologies Solutions makes you to :
Streamline operations and trim down costs
  • Make more informed decisions using real-time data from suppliers and customers, delivered through familiar desktop applications
  • Support complex and parallel engineering and manufacturing environments
Quality Control
  • Configurable quality processes and parameters
  • Track quality across all processes( both shop floor and vendor supplied parts)
  • Quality graded products and best deal for customers
  • Comprehensive rejection management and associated root cause analysis

Control the Cost
  • Track all the costs towards production—be it materials, tools or machines
  • Compare standards and actual and identify those cost elements
  • Perform cost roll up on multiple basis, arrive at the best cost of manufacture and consistently reduce it so as to increase profitability
Improve collaboration
  • Shorten production cycles by integrating product development with manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and suppliers
  • Respond quickly to changing customer requirements
  • Support customization of your products to assist in differentiation in a crowded market

Deliver superior customer service
  • Provide a comprehensive view of customer information
  • Connect customer requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution operations
  • Quickly deliver accurate quotes to customers with rich quotation processes
  • Integrate post-delivery support
Focus More On Core Business
  • No need to purchase expensive servers and networking equipment, no need to hire programmers, engineers or analysts. Our turnkey [customisation as per your own needs] approach helps customers succeed by lowering operational costs, increasing productivity, and maximizing profits.
  • Innervex Technologies solutions are designed to eliminate the manual procedures and paper documents typically associated with the Steels industries.