Deployment Services

" ensuring your implementations are optimized from the start. ".

Getting systems up and running quickly and attaining an easily supported deployment is the key to delivering a reliable return on technology investments. The Innervex Technologies deployment experts who have decades of experience attaining these objectives. From system implementation to performance management and fine-tuning, we will help you to achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices, result in a lower cost of ownership, and set you up to be successful.

  • Reliable and quick implementation
  • Time to value offering with minimalized risk
  • A cost-effective, easily supported deployment will be achieved
  • Maximize the long-term value for your investment

Benefits and Offerings
  • Innervex Technologies’ deployment experts have deep expertise and years of experience with helping customers eliminate customizations and achieve implementations that meet that needs of your business while also being upgradeable and sustainable over the long haul. You get a one, full service provider with end-to-end accountability for your success. We’re unique to aid you to get the highest possible return on your Innervex Technologies solution investment.

  • Get up and running quickly with the help of Innervex Technologies’ deployment experts and our implementation accelerators, which automate key tasks and allow you to benefit from the decades of experience we have with implementing Innervex Technologies’ solutions. To speed up our solution deployment and integration, Innervex Technologies Services delivers high-value functional, project management, and technical offshore services through the Innervex Technologies Centre of Excellence.

  • A clear and well-planned data migration is key to the success of your implementation or upgrade. Our experts will guide and execute your data migration, you’ll have a better prospect of long-term success. Innervex Technologies Team of professional will help you to successfully migrate to the cloud and you will get benefits out of this, such as improved flexibility, extended application competences, and reduced total cost of ownership. We dedicate the full scope of Innervex Technologies’ resources and expertise to making you successful.

  • The Innervex Technologies professional team will work with you to constantly enhance the performance of your system after go-live. After you deployed in the cloud, upgrades become our responsibility so you’ll always be on the latest version of your solution and able to take advantage of Innervex Technologies’ on-going technology investments and guaranteed levels of uptime and system performance.

“In brief, we will focus on your technology so that you can focus on your core business.”

Training Services

" Master Innervex Technologies products. Maximize your potential ".

You've invested in our solutions; empower your users and maximize your results. Training is the critical component needed to ensure you realize the full value of your investment and achieve unparalleled benefits for your business. Training solutions are available for every stage of your product lifecycle with Innervex Technologies, including new implementation, upgrading, or further advancement to your application. Our goal is to provide you with the right content, at the right level, at the right time.

Different levels of application and technical training are designed to prepare your project and technical teams for the various decisions they will face. You can choose to receive training at your site, online, virtually, or at an Innervex Technologies location near you, depending on your needs and preferences.