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My business doesn't need "accounting software." Then why Innervex ERP lite?

Innervex ERP lite is designed for those who don't wish for or need full–fledged “accounting software," just an easy way to efficiently keep track of sales, expenses, and customers. If you've been using paper ledgers, spreadsheets to track your numbers, and word processing documents or paper forms for your invoices and sales receipts, Innervex ERP lite is ideal for you.


Hey! My spreadsheet works fine. What else can Innervex ERP lite do for me?
  • Innervex ERP lite can help you avoid errors, save time, and keep you much more organized.
  • Innervex ERP lite tracks all your transactions and invoices in one place, giving you easier access to more information than you could possibly get from a paper–based system or a spreadsheet.
  • You can get reports that tell you where you stand on everything from profits and losses to sales and expenses.
  • Innervex ERP lite saves you hours at tax time by giving you all the totals you need for your tax forms.

Will Innervex ERP lite grow with my business?

Innervex ERP lite makes it very simple for small business owners to start tracking their finances more efficiently, without having to learn complicated software or complex accounting concepts. As your business becomes more versatile, you can straightforwardly upgrade to SApS: Accounting, corporate, or ERP & CRM or Retail, SCM, MRP, ERP & CRM. All the data you've entered in Innervex ERP lite will transfer to your new edition, so you can access it straight away.


Is there specific training and support available for Innervex products?

You will be trained by our officials and you will get online or phone help [8am to 10pm] from our Customer care.


Can I use my data without any modifications while I am migrating to other Platform like Linux to windows or etc?

Since Innervex solutions are platform independent so without any modifications or with out re entering you can use or migrate the data in any platform


How much training is needed to get the system up and running with staff?

Training depends on how many people are being trained and how active management is in the process. There is a fairly comprehensive and visual User Manual for Staff, with many screenshots, taking about 10 minutes to read and covering 90% of the things staff might need to do. For an administrator, it might be a couple of hours to review all the configuration options. Administrators can also read the manual and do it themselves. In actual installations, very little training was required. Staff users are limited to a small set of actions that they can only perform via on screen buttons. This minimizes the training curve. And the training will be given by Innervex support team.

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